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Your Trusted Medical-Legal Expert Resource

Our network of highly trained medical-legal professionals have decades of experience, providing them with the knowledge to collaborate with attorneys on complex often subtle, medical matters.

Led by PIRS President and Owner Michelle Repman-Pifer, the PIRS Medical-Legal Division comprised an experienced and dedicated team capable of servicing the United States.

Whatever your needs, Presque Isle Rehabilitation Service is your Medical Legal Expert Resource.

About Us

Our Medical-Legal Services

Medical Case Management

Medical case management is defined as the process of assessing, planning, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the services required to respond to an individual's health care needs to attain the goals of quality and cost-effective care. This service may be performed in conjunction with managed care; however,  it is differentiated from managed care, which is recognized as an organized process designed to ensure the medical necessity and cost-effectiveness of a proposed service. Case management is designated to promote optimal recovery and rehabilitation through professional involvement in the rehabilitation process. Medical case management, in the optimum sense, is a balance in terms of both quality assurance and medical cost control. The case manager advocates on behalf of the individual to assure the quality of care and attainment of appropriate goals, as well as promotes self-advocacy skills to achieve maximum independence.

Telephonic Nurse Injury Triage Program

PI Rehab offers a fully customizable telephonic nurse injury triage program for employers. This program removes the employer from the information taking process and allows the patient immediate contact with a licensed medical professional to triage the facts of the injury and direct them to appropriate care within the employer panels, if applicable, and provide appropriate evidence-based self-care instructions for their reported injury, if appropriate, to avoid unnecessary care for the injured worker, and unnecessary expense for the employer. The process is further defined with completion of first report of injury forms and claim filing with the carrier as well, streamlining the claim reporting and fact-collection process at the onset of the injury when the facts of the matter are fresh.

Follow-up with the injured worker is arranged at pre-determined intervals to document injury evolution and further determine if needs for referral or follow-up are needed, or if continued self-care is recommended. This is a patient-centered process that ensures appropriate treatment recommendations are made. Information is forwarded to invested parties to assist in determination of compensability and benefits.

Life Care Planning

Life care planners evaluate individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions in order to outline the needs created by the disability. The life care planner develops an integrated plan that includes items and services required, along with specific costs. The life care plan addresses current and future needs and costs. 

We have six Certified Life Care Planners to meet your needs — from completing a Life Care Plan to providing expert consultation on Life Care Plans prepared by other companies.

Medicare Set Asides

A Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (WCMSA) is a financial agreement that allocates a portion of a workers' compensation settlement to pay for future medical services related to the workers' compensation injury, illness, or disease. Liability Medicare Set-Asides are also available.

Legal Nurse Consulting

PIRS will work with attorneys in complex legal claims assisting in obtaining records, summarizing the conditions, and answering questions. Our certified legal nurse consultants will analyze and evaluate the facts and testimony relative to your case, authoring researched and supported opinions regarding the nursing and healthcare provider services and outcomes and the nature and cause of injury. We uphold the standards for certification in the legal nurse consulting industry, proving our knowledge, skill, and competency for quality practice in the profession.

Vocational Expert Testimony

A vocational expert is defined as individuals whose education, training, and experience qualify them to perform work and express opinions related to vocational rehabilitation, vocational counseling, employability, earning capacity, labor market analysis, job availability, lost earnings, and the value of lifetime earnings.  

PIRS has over 100 years of combined experience providing vocational expert analysis and testimony.  Attorneys from all over the United States rely on us to provide unbiased opinions when it comes to employability and expertise.

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