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Employee Injury
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The Leading Provider of Quality Care and Exceptional Results

Here at Presque Isle Rehabilitation Service, LLC we are committed to building valuable and lasting relationships with our clients.

As a people-first organization, we provide personalized and efficient medical, vocational, and medical-legal solutions designed to bring you peace of mind and the best possible outcomes. 

Backed by over 28 years of industry experience, we have established a reputation of excellent care that you can absolutely trust -- ensuring that your needs are met swiftly and professionally.

About Us

Comprehensive & Personalized
Medical Case Management Solutions

Employee Injury Management
Increase productivity, maintain costs, and facilitate a quicker recovery for your injured employees with our premier nationwide medical services.
Comprehensive Claim Guideline
Get the best results through detailed guidelines and proactive techniques to manage workers' compensation while still providing quality care to injured employees.
Disability & Absence Management
Optimize processing efficiency and guarantee regulatory compliance while receiving world-class support from our disability specialists.
Expert Representation
Ensure the best possible results with our medical legal services, including expert representation in court, depositions, and other claims-related issues.

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