Vocational Services

Our Vocational Case Management service conducts labor market surveys, earning power assessments, facilitates job searches, job placement, and provides transferable skills analyses. Through state-of-the-art vocational tools, our Vocational Case Management experts develop action-oriented plans for our customers. A safe and expeditious return to work is the case manager’s priority when working with the injured person for job placement purposes.

Earning Power Assessment: In both workers’ compensation and liability cases an Earning Power Assessment report or Loss of Earning Capacity report will assist in placing a dollar value on the claim.

Labor Market Survey Job Availability: This is a telephonic survey of employers in a targeted geographic area to determine hiring trends, available positions in a specific industry, or to determine the potential employment opportunities for an individual with physical restrictions. These can be utilized by both the attorneys and insurance carriers to place a value on what type of employment is suitable in the area.

Vocational Placement

Develop Rehabilitation Plan

Job Analysis: A Job Analysis is utilized when it is necessary to obtain an independent, visual observation of the physical demands of a job. This is frequently done in light of physical limitations an individual may have to ensure safe job placement.

Worksite Modification: PIRS will conduct an onsite analysis to assist the employer in modifying a job to fit the individual’s current capabilities

Videotape Services of Job Site: PIRS will provide a video and written job analysis to assist the physician, attorney, or employer understands the physical demands of a person’s job.

Transferable Skills and Ergonomic Analysis: This is completed to assist an employer in identifying positions someone may be able to transfer into and also to provide suggestions on modifying a work station or position that may have physical limitations or restrictions.

Vocational Testing: When needed, PIRS will complete vocational testing outlining someone’s current educational levels, career interests, and other tests applicable to the person’s injury, education, and medical condition.

Expert Testimony for Depositions and Trial: PIRS will provide expert testimony for depositions and trial when the case warrants.