A reasonable facsimile of the packing finished product


Just a quick note today, since we haven’t updated the news and events section in a while!

We’re T-minus three days until departure time for the 2019 PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Conference in Hershey, PA, and despite so much to do and pack — we’re feeling pretty good and ready! (Having the sweetest booth — and the coolest promo items — around is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.) Throughout the whole packing process, PIRS President Michelle and marketing assistant Cara have been invoking the spirit of Marie Kondo and her tidiness. We’d like to think she’d be pretty proud of how everything has come together in a neat and orderly fashion — and how we plan on coming home with much lighter bags.

Of course, in the midst of all this, we thought, “What could be a better time to update the PIRS brochure?”

Joking aside, it actually was great timing, because as we mix and mingle with colleagues and contacts new and old, it’s important that we present the most up-to-date information about PI Rehab’s ever-learning and evolving staff. Thus, the new brochure reflects the fact that Michelle and vocational specialist Liz are now certified PGAP providers, and it gives the most complete picture of the types of vocational and medical services in our repertoire. You can check out our awesome updated brochure — revised and printed by the incredible Alice + team at Presque Isle Printing — at its very own site page: PIRS Brochure.

And stay tuned — we hope to bring you updates and media from the BWC Conference with the next post; fingers crossed that we’ll be able to post footage here of Michelle’s speaking engagement on the topic of medical case management and ethics!