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With teamwork anything can be achieved!

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Spring has Sprung! And so has the Spring 2020 Newsletter

We're really excited to share this quarter's newsletter with all of you!

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The Winter 2020 Newsletter Has Arrived!

We haven't put out a newsletter in a while, so we figured it makes sense to start off the year right with a round-up of 2019 and a look at what's to come in 2020!

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PI Rehab Continues, Increases Charitable Giving in 2020

When you're as blessed as we count ourselves to be, giving back to your community and your world is an obvious choice. That's why in 2020 we've decided to continue our charitable efforts in a significant way and make donations to 12 different organizations that the staff here at PI Rehab hold near and dear [...]

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Happy Holidays from Presque Isle Rehabilitation Service, LLC!

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Wow! Nearly 20 Years in Business? ALL These Services?

Check out our new graphic, which describes just some of the reasons why you should give us a call at PI Rehab today!  

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It’s Aliiiiiive! (The PIRS Medical Legal Division, that is)

That's a little October/Halloween-themed humor for you all, since it's been a few minutes since we posted anything new up here. But seriously, we at PIRS are so proud and excited to announce that we are expanding our Medical Legal Division, with PI Rehab President and Owner Michelle Repman-Pifer and Pittsburgh-based CLCP (and medical case [...]

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Lots of Packing & an Updated Brochure

A reasonable facsimile of the packing finished product   Just a quick note today, since we haven't updated the news and events section in a while! We're T-minus three days until departure time for the 2019 PA Bureau of Workers' Compensation Conference in Hershey, PA, and despite so much to do and pack [...]

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PIRS President Michelle Repman-Pifer to Present at PA BWC Conference

Disability management often deals with highly sensitive and private information, making it a potentially hazardous field for unethical behavior, whether it is intentional or not. Thus, an extraordinary level of ethical standards are an important part of the disability management process, from beginning to end. No one knows this better than PIRS President Michelle Repman-Pifer, [...]

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PIRS Spring 2019 Newsletter

It's here -- Hot off the presses, it's the Spring 2019 PIRS Newsletter! Below you can learn more about company President Michelle Repman-Pifer's 17th anniversary at the helm of PIRS, the PGAP training Ms. Repman-Pifer and Rehabilitation Specialist Liz Bricker underwent in Orlando, and other news and updates. We're pretty excited to let you know [...]

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