Presque Isle Rehabilitation Service LLC is a full-service medical, vocational case management, and medical-legal company based in Pennsylvania, with a wide-reaching network of staff and case managers that covers nationally. We can handle your medical, vocational, or medical-legal cases nationally.

For more information about our coverage area, email us at or give us a call at 888-505-0073.

Why Choose Presque Isle Rehabilitation Service?

To whom do you want to trust your sensitive, highly-detailed disability cases – an oversize insurance company, where disability management is only one small part of the services they offer, and where your call gets bounced from person to person; or a compact independently-run business that specializes in the field, and where you can speak to the owner directly?

How We Differ From “the Competition”

Results driven: We focus on the results and achieve them with teamwork while other companies focus on weekly billable hours.

Quality Control & Teamwork: We provide standardized case management guidelines while providing our employees with enough autonomy to add their individual input, experience, and ideas while maintaining a team concept.

Educated, credentialed, and experienced case managers: Our case managers have a unique blend of education, credentials, and experience that far exceeds any of our competitors

Large enough but small enough: We are large enough to provide efficient and high-quality case management while still capable of providing our clients with personal service and direct contact with our executive management.

Proactive customer service: Clients not only work directly with the case manager, but they also have an account manager and access to executive management that provides supervision while actively maintaining experience in the field.

Innovative: We’re creative, outside-of-the-box thinkers who always find a way to assist our customers while optimizing results for better case management outcomes.

Tech thoughtful: We consider ourselves tech-savvy, but more than that, we like to think of ourselves as “tech thoughtful”; we know digital technology has its time and place, but we are wise enough to recognize when there is no substitution for human interaction and observation.

Return on Investment: PIRS works with their customers, providers, and other vendors to ensure value-added services, saving our customers millions of dollars.


Our service team covers both medical and vocational needs, and we take the time necessary to customize our products to your needs.

Because facilitating positive outcomes is our specialty. And we’re pretty incredible at it.